Get in the best shape of your life.

Lose weight. Gain confidence. Have fun.

Flexible Schedule

Personal Accountability

Community Driven

Have You Ever Thought..


Where Will I Find Time?

What Nutrition Program Is Right For Me?

How Do I Get Back On Track?

What's The Best Program To Follow?

You Need A Program With . . .

Personal Training

Do you need extra accountability? 1:1 coaching will help you reach your goals while building healthy habits.

Nutrition Coaching

Work with our nutrition coach to get a custom nutrition plan for your lifestyle and fitness and health goals.

Small Group classes

Choose from one of our class program to lose weight, gain muscle, and improve endurance.
Experience Change!

Personal Accountability

You will be given support throughout your fitness and health journey. You’re not alone in your fitness journey!

The Problem Is Most Programs Are . . .


You have no idea where to start, how to get results, and how to get help.


It's scary to start a new fitness program and fell like the
"new kid on the block."


You do the same thing everyday-it's boring and you aren't seeing results.

How We Can Help

Our results-based approach takes all the guesswork away by giving you everything you need to improve the way you look, feel, and perform.

Stop wasting time..

Develop healthy eating habits and get great workouts in a safe, clean and friendly environment.

Get Results in Three Easy Steps:

Step 1

Meet With A Coach

Sit down with our professional staff to talk about your fitness goals.

Make a plan to get in the best shape of your life at Galveston CrossFit

Step 2

Get A Custom Plan

Get a custom plan that is design with your lifestyle and goals in mind.

Live your best life at Galveston CrossFit

Step 3

Get Results

Get fitter than you have ever been with your new outlook on health.

What Our Clients Have to Say

"This place has become my second home. I've noticed such a difference in my body and my mind. I've learned how to push my body to it's max and keep going even when I want to quit-something that can be applied to everyday life. I love Krystle and Richie. They are some awesome amazing, God-loving people. Galveston is so lucky to have this place."
Rachel Mathers

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